In an article in Global Times, its Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin sought to hype Chinese morale by saying that PLA soldiers deployed on the frontlines receive hot meals, are fit and can stay through the winter. They have modern arms and equipment. He said "Most of them were born in the 1990s, or even 2000s. In the face of the sudden conflict, none of them showed fear" and claimed that when "a few officers and soldiers of the Chinese army went to the border area which the Indian troops illegally trespassed into for negotiation, but the Indian army attacked them without any warning, leading to the clash Indian Army personnel". Declaring that only one PLA soldier was killed he claimed that many Indians died as they rolled down the hill and many were captured, but that the Indian Army captured no Chinese.  "In the latest conflict near the Pangong Tso Lake", he said, "Indian troops "preempted" PLA's activity (meaning they illegally trespassed the border), and showcased that they had gained an advantage by occupying highlands and throwing stones at the PLA. But based on what I know, brave PLA soldiers disregarded the Indian threats and drove away from the Indian troops from the highlands. The Chinese army has gained advantageous positions at many points in the standoff". Hu Xijin claimed that "People familiar with the situation told me that frontline officers and soldiers of the PLA now have high morale at the China-India border. The Indian troops are no match for them at all. The conflicts this year have severely dampened Indian troops' arrogance in nibbling at Chinese territory, making India re-examine their understanding of China's determination, and will to resolutely defend its territorial sovereignty".
In conclusion, he asserted "The PLA can launch a heavy counterattack at the Indian army's new provocation at any time, and Chinese people believe that the PLA will never be gentle to the provocative Indian troops in the future. This means the Indian army will not become a bargaining chip for India to realize its unreasonable demands at the border. Resolving disputes through negotiations is not only a good choice for both sides but the only option for India".

(Comment: Hu Xijin's article appears intended to bolster Chinese national morale.)

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