A Weibo post in Chinese and English on September 12, by a prominent blogger “Big V” went to the most extreme of extremes, advocating global nuclear annihilation in the event that the United States curtails China’s ambitions. The post by Zhao Shengye (赵盛烨), a well-known blogger and amateur scientist with more than three million followers on the Weibo platform, outlined three concrete ways that China could bring about earth-wide destruction “if Trump is bent on fighting against China, leaving no living space for the yellow and black people.” Zhao Shengye warned: “[The] ultimate result of Trump’s actions, will be the destruction of all mankind. In his post, Zhao Shengye argued that a direct nuclear attack on the United States was unnecessary, as the ultimate result in any case would be that “the world will be completely destroyed.” Instead, he suggested three ways that China could more directly achieve global annihilation, depriving the United States of ultimate dominance: (i) China could detonate a nuclear submarine loaded with warheads in the Pacific Ocean, submerging “all areas except the Qinghai Tibet Plateau.” (ii) China could detonate “thousands of nuclear bombs in the Himalayas,” thus changing the orbit of the earth. (iii) China could drill down into the Sichuan Basin, detonating thousands of nuclear warheads  deep beneath the earth, triggering “the collapse of the earth’s core.” Admitting that “it’s a very evil idea,”  Zhao Shengye wrote, “but when we get to the end, it’s the ultimate solution. America can’t be both anti human and save itself.” The post was taken down on September 14 following numerous complaints.

(Comment: Zhao Shengye is a member of the “Nine-Three Society” (九三学社), one of just nine recognized pro-CCP political parties in China, founded in 1945, that generally counts among its members intellectuals working in technology.)

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