The People's Daily publicised (September 15) that the CCP CC General Office issued guidelines for deepening the achievements of the “Remain True to the Original Aspiration, Keep the Mission Firmly in Mind” education campaign that began in June 2019. The article gave a brief overview of some of the achievements of the campaign before listing nine points about how to strengthen and deepen the achievements of the education campaign, which are as follows: 
“Persist in using Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era to arm the whole party.” The guidelines state that this is the ideological banner of the Communist Party of China and direct leading groups at the county level and above to implement the group learning system of the Party Committee theoretical study center, which includes holding study classes and discussions.
“Strengthen the education on ideals and beliefs and party spirit.”  The guidelines state that “Party members and officials should view the party constitution as a required course, internalize it in their hearts and externalize it in their actions.” This includes developing education on the history of the party, New China, reform and opening, and the development of socialism.
“Develop regular political tests.” According to the guidelines, this is an important way for party members and cadres to “clean off ideological and political dust, strengthen their political immunity, and develop the spirit of self-revolution.” They also state that party members and leading cadres should “conscientiously carry out criticism and self-criticism.” 
“Push party members and cadres to fulfill their duties and take responsibility for their actions.” The guidelines suggest improving the incentive and protection mechanisms for cadres to take responsibility and the importance of publicly commending and advancing good models, while holding those who push, pull, or bypass the masses’ difficulties responsible in accordance with regulations and laws. 
“Focus on explaining important and difficult problems and strengthening investigation and research.” The guidelines state that after investigations, leading groups should study and analyze the crux of the problems, put forward policy measures, and convert the achievements of the investigation and research into solving problems and improving practical and hard work.  
“Persevere unremittingly in doing practical work for the masses and do a good job solving difficult problems.” The guidelines remind Party members and cadres to remember that the interests of the people are above everything else, and directed them to genuinely and sincerely help the masses solve their real difficulties to increase the masses’ sense of gain, happiness, and security. They also stress the importance of maintaining the close ties between the party and the masses.
“Resolutely oppose formalism and bureaucracy.” The guidelines discuss improving leadership and working methods, safeguarding the interests of the masses, conducting inspections to prevent issues of formalism and bureaucracy, and strengthening supervision and reform efforts. 
“Develop the normalization of special rectification.” The guidelines state that doing so is an effective method and an important starting point for resolving outstanding work issues. The guidelines also recommend strengthening the departmental and top-bottom links and promoting overall problem solving. 
“Supervise and direct party members and cadres to obey the rules, defend order, and to be honest government officials.” This final guideline stresses that “Party members and cadres must abide by the party’s political discipline and practices and strictly implement honest self-discipline standards.” 

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