On September 24, China's leadership attended the 7th Congress of the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (ACFSMC). Chinese President Xi Jinping praised the ACFSMC  on the state-owned CCTV saying it has a “Long history, glorious tradition, and role as an important force in developing agriculture and rural areas.”  He said it has “Become a comprehensive platform for farm production needs, and keep the Party and the state in close contact with farmers.” Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told the ACFSMC to: “Improve rural social services, modernize village logistics, and partner with farmers’  cooperatives.”  The Guangming Daily separately said that the ACFSMC's 2018 revenue totalled RMB 5.9 trillion, twice the turnover of Sinopec and that it comprises a vast network of more than 30,000 entities.

(Comment: The ACFSMC meeting comes amid reports of the leadership's concern of food shortages and when the CCP CC and State Council have allocated a large amount for rural revitalization, which with 'dual circulation' could be big aspects of the 14th Five-Year Plan. The ACFSMC was set up in 1950 to distribute farming supplies and daily necessities in townships and villages, and to move wholesale agricultural products into cities.)

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