Wu Jieming, Political Commissar of the National Defense University and Director of the Research Center of Xi Jinping thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics and an Alternate Member of the 19th CCPCC wrote an important lengthy 3079-word article in the Guangming Daily (October 4) emphasising the that "Mastering ideological education is the central link in uniting the whole party in a great political struggle." Saying that 'Chairman' Xi Jinping has attached great importance to strengthening the ideological and political education of the army,  he called for "in-depth study and implementation of Chairman Xi’s important expositions on the military’s ideological and political education ...".  He said Xi Jinping had "clearly defined the party’s absolute leadership over the army as the foundation of building the army and the soul of strengthening the army".  He recalled that people had done "everything possible to implement the "political genetic modification" project in an attempt to change the nature of our army and pull our army out of the party banner" adding that "some young comrades often lack or do not fully understand the extreme importance of the party’s commanding guns, and most leading cadres have not passed the test of blood and fire and complicated struggles".  He said "In such a situation, President Xi clearly made the casting of the soul of the army as the core task of our army’s political work". He called for getting rid of the "peace-accumulated malpractice" and said "The corrosion of thought is more terrible than the corrosion of guns. Our army has not experienced the baptism of war for decades, and the "peace sickness" once permeated every aspect".  Required, he added, is "a rectification spirit to start and clean up the "peace accumulation"...  the "spirit of not being afraid of hardship and not being afraid of death must not be lost". Asserting the importance of living "up to expectations and trust the spiritual banner of inheriting the red gene. For more than 90 years, the People's Army has advanced under the banner of the party, formed a set of principles for building and administering the army, developed the strategies and tactics of the People’s War, and cultivated a unique glorious tradition and fine work style. This is the heirloom of the people's army from victory to victory, and the red bloodline that the people's army must never forget". "Facing the potential danger of "bloodline genetic alienation" and "revolutionary nature degeneration", the party and the army must always maintain their nature, purpose and original mission, and maintain their pure bloodline genes". He said "Driven by President Xi’s example and influence, and under the guidance of President Xi’s important expositions, the brilliant spiritual pedigree of the People’s Army has become an unfading flag, and the red gene has become the unchangeable root of the People’s Army". He recalled that "at the Gutian Military-Political Work Conference, Chairman Xi pointed out 10 outstanding problems in the army, especially among the leading cadres, including some ideological and political problems".  These include "problems in ideals and beliefs, party spirit principles, revolutionary spirit, organizational discipline, and ideological style. This is closely related to ideological and political education". He pointed out that "the educators themselves are not educated enough." He said, "From the "soul of a communist" to the soul of the army, the two are highly unified. We must uphold and strengthen the party's absolute leadership over the army, which includes strengthening the party's ideological and political leadership, which means to recognize and believe in the ideals and beliefs advocated by our party". "Soul" is the life of our army, without "soul" there is no "life"; "soul" is the foundation of our army, without "soul" there is no "base"; "soul" is the development of army building The direction and source of the power of the world, without the "soul", the "direction" is lost. "

(Comment: The article could be a precursor to the launch of a new ideological campaign in the PLA.)

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