Liu Haitao, identified only as an officer of a Brigade of the PLA's 79th Group Army wrote in China Militarynet on October 5, highlighting that "the method of military training is the most important thing and plays a key role in determining whether the army can fight and win battles". He said that since the 18th Party  Congress, party committees at all levels in the military have made a lot of efforts to improve their scientific management capabilities. After its establishment, the Southern Theater Party Committee began to organize the study and formulation of the "Command Process Operation Rules" to program the combat command process, to subdivide the functions of each battle position, and to improve the process management capabilities. A party committee of an armoured regiment had  started similar work.  He said that military management is a multiplier for generating and improving combat effectiveness. Liu Haitao explained that "modern warfare is precision warfare. It requires specific and precise issues such as when, where, what forces to use, who will organize and command, and how to coordinate. This requires that party committees at all levels must not forget to improve their scientific management capabilities at any time, and they must not forget to demand success in management efficiency and precision". Stressing that people are the core element of management, he quoted a "famous saying" : "Managing soldiers is not cold, so you can't bring soldiers who are willing to block bullets" and said management is a science and an art and a combination of strict requirements and passionate concern. Stating that "The little wise man rules things, the big wise man rules people, and the wise man rules the law" and that "If you don't act according to the rule of law thinking and manage the troops without relying on the rule of law, it is impossible to truly "transform" this transformation or transformation", he said only when "party committees at all levels work in strict accordance with their duties and powers and strive to achieve fundamental changes can they form a good situation in which troops operate in accordance with the law and are strictly and orderly". In conclusion he said the purpose of scientific management is to insist on "doing the right thing efficiently." As long as party committees at all levels adhere to keeping pace with the times, constantly updating management concepts, deepening the management revolution, and regarding improving efficiency as the source of the vitality of military management, and the pursuit of the best efficiency as the central link of military management, they will surely improve science Management capabilities to promote the high-quality and high-efficiency operation of various elements of the troops’ systems.

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