The South China Morning Post (November 24) reported that about 600 Chinese citizens have been evacuated from the conflict-ridden Tigray region of Ethiopia. It quoted Teshome Toga Chanaka, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to China, as saying on November 23 that all Chinese citizens evacuated from the northern region of Tigray were safe in Addis Ababa and could decide for themselves if they wanted to stay in Ethiopia or return to China. Xinhua said 204 Chinese citizens left western Tigray by car on November 19, including 187 workers from state-owned China CAMC Engineering, who had been working on the Welkait sugar plant on the front line of the conflict. The latest evacuation came after Gezhouba Group, one of the biggest construction and engineering companies in China, evacuated 402 workers and engineers from a water project near Mekele, Tigray’s capital city, on November 11, according to the company. The Chinese embassy in Addis Ababa said on November 22, it had also helped evacuations by people from third countries, without giving more details.

(Comment: Ethiopia is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies and has attracted billions of dollars of Chinese investment under President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative.)

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