Attending a meeting on Military Training in Beijing on November 25, the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) and Chinese President, Xi Jinping ordered the armed forces to strengthen training under real combat conditions and raise their capability of winning wars. He stressed the implementation of the Party's thinking on strengthening the military, as well as the military strategy, for the new era and stressed strengthening the Party's leadership over military training. Xi Jinping called for efforts to carry out real combat-oriented training and rectify the practices of formalities for formalities' sake and bureaucratism in training. Observing that new changes are taking place in the country's security environment, military combat situation, forms of modern warfare, bringing the military's training into a new stage, Xi Jinping said military training is the center of the military's regular work as it is the means for the military to generate and improve its combat capability and is the most direct form of military preparedness. He urged faster establishment of a new-type military training system and strong support for achieving the Party's goal of building stronger armed forces for the new era and developing the armed forces into a world-class military. He called for better strategic planning and top-level design to transform military training to accommodate the needs in real combat and urged for efforts to improve the military's capability for integrated and joint operations, raise the scientific and technological literacy of the officers and soldiers, and apply new weaponry and new strengths in training. Xi Jinping also met the participants at the meeting and model individuals and groups who had excelled in military training and had a group photo with them. A total of 10 military units and 23 individuals were commended for their work in military training at the meeting. Xi Jinping and other senior military officials presented awards to those honoured.

(Comment: Xi Jinping's remarks appeared to have focussed on Military Training, Party leadership and Integrated Joint Operations.)

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