Remarking on Chinese Defence Minister General Wei Fenghe's one-day visit to Kathmandu, Qian Feng, Director of the Research Department of the National Institute of Strategic Studies, Tsinghua University was quoted by Global Times (November 29) as saying that the visit fully demonstrated the importance of China Nepal relations and will greatly improve the trust between the two countries and twp militaries. He added that China and India are still facing off in the border areas, and at the same time, India and Nepal are also having territorial disputes. As a major and neighbouring country, China is bound to support Nepal morally and diplomatically. At the same time, 'China also uses this visit to warn those in India who accuse China of expansion and advocate toughness against China not to provoke divisiveness and provoke trouble'. In an article (November 21) He Ruiying quoted an anonymous official from the Ministry of Defense of Nepal speculating that Wei Fenghe’s visit was a follow-up visit to speed up the defense cooperation between Xi Jinping and Nepal. He said, in addition, according to the leader of Nepal’s ruling party, the reason for Wei Fenghe’s trip was China’s dissatisfaction with Nepal’s inability to determine the projects under the “Belt and Road” strategy. The two countries signed a framework agreement for the “One Belt One Road” initiative in 2017, but none of the projects have been negotiated in the past three years. In addition, Beijing is also dissatisfied with the progress of some bilateral projects that the previous two countries have reached.

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