China's military media disclosed (November 29) that according to reports, the Chinese Navy’s latest plan shows that by 2025, the Chinese Navy will have 16 Type 055 destroyers, 50 Type 054A frigates, and 40 Type 052C/D. In addition, construction of the improved version of the Type-054A and Type-054B frigates will start next year. Other Chinese ships such as the Type 071 dock landing ship and the Type 075 amphibious assault ship will also be mass-produced. The ship-building plan revealed  that12 Huangpu ships and 8 Hudong ships were also mentioned as were the upgraded versions of the Type 054B and Type-076. The 054A frigate is the third-generation guided missile frigate of the Chinese Navy. It is also the PLAN's first frigate with regional air defense capabilities. The Chinese Navy will have 16 Type-055, 50 Type-054A frigates and 40 Type 052C/D destroyers. The plan also mentions the task and number of ships assigned to each shipyard. 

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