Writing in the Global Times (December 4) Zhang Tengjun, Assistant Research Fellow at the China Institute of International Studies, described the imposition of restrictions on members of the CCP and their family members "as yet another hysterical anti-China policy" and "part of the all-out China containment strategy advocated by the Trump administration since the beginning of this year". Claiming that its impact will be limited, it said "Since this year, US hawks, represented by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his ilk, have been trying to drive a wedge between the CPC and the Chinese people. The aim is to destabilize China's politics and society and eventually overthrow the leadership of the CPC in a color-revolution approach. Such a "precise strike" has far exceeded the scope of normal competition with China and comes to a point of ideological cold war". The article said "After the destruction of China-US ties by the Trump administration, strategic trust between China and the US has been severely damaged. Room for cooperation is still there, but cooperation won't start right away. The downward trend of China-US relations will continue. The Biden administration will not reduce its pressure on China, as it sees human rights and values as its core agenda in its China policy. Given the rising xenophobic sentiment against China within the US, the US administration will constantly hype the "China infiltration" theory and play the cards of Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong, in a bid to motivate the Americans". He said the incoming Biden Administration will continue  to extend the US hardline approach toward China, but "would try to revise some irrational decisions made by the Trump administration, such as the latest visa restrictions" while using "it as a bargaining chip with China to exploit gains.  He concluded that "The rivalry between China and the US over matters such as ideology will continue to exist as always".

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