Japan's Kyodo news agency (December 25) asked at the regular Chinese Foreign Ministry press briefing (December 25) in Beijing for China's response to the Indian Foreign Ministry said the previous day that two Indian freighters arrived near ports in Hebei in June and September respectively, but China hasn't allowed them to harbour in the port and go through clearance citing pandemic regulations. However, ships that arrived after them already went through customs clearance and left the ports. It is said that the two Indian ships have Australian coal on board. I wonder if you are aware of the situation? Does it have something to do with China-Australia and China-India relations? The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin replied: "As we said repeatedly, China has clear regulations on port epidemic prevention and control as well as quarantine of crew members. The Chinese authorities have been in close communication with the Indian side, responding to its demands in a timely manner, and providing essential convenience and assistance as allowed by the epidemic regulations. I would like to add that as far as I know, some Chinese ports now allow crew change as long as the epidemic regulations permit, but Jingtang Port and Caofeidian Port are not among them. It is the shipping party's independent choice whether to adjust its operation plan. You may ask the competent authorities or the local government about the specifics. You asked whether this has something to do with China-Australia and China-India relations. I don't see any links there".

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