Chinese President Xi Jinping's 1,106-word New Year Address delivered on the China Central Radio and Television Station and the Internet was reported by China's entire official media on December 31. Among the main points touched upon by Xi Jinping in his address were: the successful role of the CCP since its founding; success in combatting the pandemic; that China's economy is expected to rise to a new level of 100 trillion Yuan; China's achieving a good grain harvest 17 years in a row; that China has eradicated poverty in all 832 impoverished counties and lifted 100 million rural people out of poverty; that Xi Jinping inspected 13 provinces and 14 contiguous areas of dire poverty during the year; and that the "great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation" will certainly be achieved during its centenary in 2021. To portray China's international standing, he also mentioned having spoken to many world leaders and attended many "cloud conferences". 

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