People's Daily (January 2) highlighted CCP CC General Secretary Xi Jinping's remarks at the Central Rural Work Conference where he said: "Food security is an important foundation for national security, and ensuring food security is always the top priority of the country's governance". Xi Jinping emphasised that food production must be stepped up every year and described "Those grains are the life of the people and the treasure of the country." He said a country can control the overall situation of economic and social development only if it is basically self-sufficient in food adding that China "is fully capable of guaranteeing the supply of grain and important agricultural products". It said CCP CC General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasised: "Our rice bowl should mainly contain Chinese food." He said "It is necessary to persist in self-reliance and self-reliance in agricultural science and technology, and accelerate the advancement of key agricultural key technologies" and stressed that "to ensure food security, it is necessary to ensure the effective supply of important agricultural products and promote the continuous increase of farmers' income. The key to mobilizing farmers' enthusiasm in growing grain is to make farmers earn money from growing grain".

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