Writing in the Guangming Daily (January 3), Su Xiaohui, Department of China Institute of International Studies, Deputy Director of the Institute of American Studies,  stressed that China's foreign policy is based on the tradition of five thousand years of outstanding civilization and it has been recognized as a country of etiquette since ancient times.  He said the Chinese love peace and advocating harmony, but they are also principled and strong.  China will respond strongly to the wrong words and deeds that undermine China's sovereignty, security, and core development interests.  China will also clarify the truth, resolutely defend national honor and dignity, and resolutely safeguard fairness, justice and human conscience if subjected to deliberate slander and unprovoked slander. Asserting that this is "obviously, unacceptable to some people in the United States who have always been perverted by "only me to teach you, and you are not allowed to speak",  he added that "So far, malicious attacks on China’s political system and the exaggeration of China’s social problems have been commonplace". As examples he cited the negative China-related theories such as "China Threat Theory", "China Pride Theory", and "China Collapse Theory" have emerged in an endless stream, and said "the United States urgently needs to develop new excitement points to launch a public opinion offensive against China".

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