China's state-owned CCTV on January 5 telecast a programme on the rioting in Washington DC with the caption: "Pressure recording reveals that Trump still wants to "turnover" Will Washington become a "battlefield"? A Global Times article captioned "A landmark night in US history: "Capitol riots nation's Waterloo, destroy global image! Double-standard Washington politicians 'deserve chaos, violence'". It noted Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying comments at a routine press conference on January 7, that China hopes Americans can regain peace, stability and security soon. She had taunted too: "What words did they use about Hong Kong? What words are they using now?" "The mainstream media in the US are condemning the incident, calling it 'violence,' 'thugs,' 'extremists,' and 'disgrace.' What words did they use to describe Hong Kong? 'Beautiful sight,' or 'fighters of democracy'." Lü Xiang, a Research Fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was quoted by Global Times (January 7) saying "this proves that the US political system is unable to contain the US leader or politicians with influence to incite ordinary people to challenge the system and the result of their 'democracy.' The world is witnessing the 'the beacon of democracy' become gloomy." Shen Yi, a Professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University, said what happened in Washington  "has pricked the beautiful bubble of the universal values shaped by the US."

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