A report in Tibet Times disclosed (January 7) that Tsona Dzong (County) arrested 18 Tibetans on the charges of separatism on January 2 from Shingyon village, Tsonga Dzong, Lhoka (in Chinese: Shannan). 11 of those arrested are females and 7 are males. 11 of those arrested are Tsona residents and 7 are from outside Tsona.  According to sources from inside Tibet, the local People’s Congress held a meeting where people were banned from carrying their mobile phones. After the meeting, a number of people were interrogated at the local police station as many of them had their phones with them due to their work, and consequently, were fined 500 Yuan. The next day, 18 people were arrested and severely beaten at the Tsona Dzong Police station while being interrogated under the alleged suspicion of involving in activities of separating and splitting the nation. Consequently, three persons were in critical condition and taken to a local hospital. On being asked to produce their household registration (hukou) it was found that some of them are from Chamdo and Sershul county where they have small businesses. Their names are Woeser, Khangsa, Kunsang Dechen, Situ Kyi, Phuntsok Choedon, Palden Dakpa, Chemi Wangmo, Nelha. Sobo, Dhondup Dorjee, Guru Kyab, Rinchen Tsering, Tsering Dekyi, Sang Peyi, Tsoshe, Menlha Dolma, Tsering Dolma, and Thupten Choephel. 

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