An article critical of the US and authored by Dr. Zhang Jian, Assistant President of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) and concurrently Director of the CICIR Institute of European Studies, was published in the Guangming Daily (January 12) under the caption 'The decline of American values'. Stating that "the fall of Capitol Hill in the United States is not entirely unexpected, but the inevitable result of the deteriorating development of the US political ecology in the past decades, especially in recent years. American values have been in trouble, and they are increasingly questioned not only globally but even in Western countries", he said it is "only an illusion that all countries in the world embrace American values". Saying that US influence is waning, he recalled that at the UNHRC meeting "23 countries led by the United States attacked China on the Xinjiang issue. But it was criticized by 54 countries." He added that "most Asian and African countries have long been extremely dissatisfied with the US's abuse of democracy and human rights and other value issues to interfere in their internal affairs. The values advocated by the United States can no longer dominate the world". He said that in the past decade US economic and technological strength has been weakened and it "has not been able to monopolize the world".  In conclusion, he said "the political chaos in the United States is only a symptom of America's chronic illness, not the cause. The social and political problems in the United States have been deeply rooted and may not be able to lead the West in the future, let alone dominate the world". He recommended that "Now, it is time for the United States to reflect. American values are by no means a panacea, nor are they superior. A little more introspection, a little less prejudice; more tolerance, less rejection, good for yourself, the world will be better".

In an article titled 'The End of the Myth of "American Democracy" in the People's Daily (January 13) Li Yunlong, a Professor at the International Strategic Research Institute of the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China (National School of Administration) declared that the violent demonstration that took place in Washington on January 6, had "debunked the myth of "American democracy" and proved that the United States is not a democratic Eden". He said "American democracy cannot guarantee the peaceful transfer of power". "American democracy", he said, "did not bring political stability" with the 2020 U.S. presidential election not only failing to bring stability, but triggering "a new wave of greater political unrest". He added "American democracy" does not provide governance efficiency and cannot guarantee citizens' effective political participation or equal political rights for citizens

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