Qian Feng, Director of the Research Department at the National Strategy Institute at Tsinghua University, wrote in the Global Times (January 19) that "India has lately engaged in quite some eye-catching actions. These include the planning to deploy its most advanced nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile Agni-V (which can reach all of Asia), the release of a draft Arctic Policy, and the enhancement of all-round construction at border amid unsettled tensions with China". He added that the Modi administration had "remarkable achievements during its first term from 2014 to 2019" with an average annual economic growth rate of 6.84 per cent and a notable increase in international visibility. Claiming "This was due to favourable international political and economic trends," he said "Stable relations with China also played a positive role in helping India shape the security environment, boost the economy, and attract more foreign investment". Questioning India unilaterally revoking the "special status for India-controlled Kashmir", instigating the bloody Galwan Valley clash, cracking down on "China in areas such as trade and people-to-people exchanges to vent dissatisfaction and cater to India's nationalists and interest groups", he said by "lashing out at China, India has taken advantage of geopolitical changes - the deterioration in China-US relations in particular - to get closer to the US for political and economic interests. Such moves are aimed at accelerating the growth of India to become a leading power". Stating that "India has spent too much on its strategic layouts and aggressive foreign policies", he said "This is unwise" and "If this trend continues in the long term, India might have to face enemies on multiple fronts and slip into a quagmire of strategic overdrafts". He questioned India's handling of the pandemic and said "Should India continue to rely on international anti-China forces and engage in a zero-sum game with China, then China-India relations will not improve. India's ties with traditional friends, such as Russia, will be also affected. If so, how can India be a world-class leading power?"

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