Speaking at the annual conference of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission (CDIC) on January 22, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered an "important" speech where he 'pointed out that 2020 is an extraordinary year in the history of New China. In the face of the complicated international situation, the arduous and arduous tasks of reform, development and stability, especially the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Party Central Committee coordinates the overall strategy of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and major changes unseen in a century, and insists on leading the great social revolution with the party's self-revolution'. Among the tasks, he said 'the first is to let the party flag fly high in the fight against the epidemic, decisively win the building of a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and decisively fight poverty alleviation'. Xi Jinping asserted 'The broad masses of people deeply feel that the strong leadership of the party and the authority of the party central committee are the most solid backing when storms strike" He said the second task 'is to focus on the "two maintenances" to strengthen political supervision, improve the system of comprehensive and strict governance of the party, strengthen the party's leadership and supervision, deepen political inspections, improve the party and state supervision system, and comprehensively strengthen the party's discipline construction'. The third task is to resolutely get rid of formalism and bureaucracy, promote poverty alleviation with work style. Xi Jinping said the the fourth task 'is to profoundly grasp the new trend of the anti-corruption struggle, and promote the integration of those who dare not, cannot, or do not want to be corrupt, resolutely investigate and deal with corrupt elements that do not converge, focus on corruption cases that are intertwined with political and economic issues, and seriously investigate and deal with disloyalty to the party, Double-faced people who violate the law, severely punish corruption in the political and legal system... '. He identified the fifth as to strengthen the political and organizational functions of the party organization, improve the strict management system for ideology, work, style, and discipline, inspect and identify cadres on the front lines of struggle, and develop outstanding elements to join the party on the front line. The official media quoted him as saying that corruption “As the biggest risk threatening the party’s governance, corruption still exists,” and promised to get tough on Communist Party officials who feigned loyalty while engaging in corrupt activities. He said “The struggle between corruption and anti-corruption efforts will continue to exist for a long period to come” and that “[We must] thoroughly implement the principle of exercising strict governance over the party and maintain the political orientation … to ensure the development goals and tasks of the 14th five-year plan are fulfilled.” He described the situation as “severe and complex”, adding that political and economic issues were becoming intertwined. China's official media like CCTV, China Daily, People's Daily, Xinhua etc publicised Xi Jinping's speech and indicated that the anti-corruption campaign will continue for another 3 years. The South China Morning Post (January 23) quoted Xie Maosong, a political scientist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, saying officials were not only taking cash bribes but engaging in different kinds of corruption. He said “For example, it could be equity, and the person may not hold the shares himself. That form of bribery is not as simple as before and it’s not easy to investigate. Financial security is an important part of national security. If financial risk can’t be controlled, it will threaten economic security and may threaten political security.” Li Keqiang, Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, and Han Zheng attended the meeting and Zhao Leji presided over the meeting.

The People's Daily ( January 23) separately reported that according to statistics released by the CDIC, 18 central management cadres were under review and investigation in 2020. At the same time, it said "the “flies” that fly in disorder are shot with just a raise, and overseas “fox hunting” are never soft". From January to November 2020, 104,600 cases of corruption and work style issues in the field of people’s livelihood were investigated and dealt with nationwide, and 149,500 people were criticized, educated, helped and handled, of which 92,000 were punished by party discipline and government affairs. The "Skynet 2020" operation recovered 1,229 people who fled. Among them, 28 "Hongtong personnel" recovered 2.445 billion yuan in stolen money.

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