An article published by Nyingtri (Nyingchi)'s official website highlights the success of civil-military integration in Nanyi Town, Minling County, Nyingtri. It says ‘We are the red flag bearers who guard the frontiers of the motherland’. The article says that Minling (in Chinese: Milin) is one of the seven border towns that has thoroughly implemented the important expositions and strategy of Xi on governing borders and stabilizing Tibet, and the spirit and idea of the General Secretary of Yumai Township, Zhilongzi County". It adds “The spirit and reply to two sisters Dolkar and Yangzom innovated a new direction of border party-building referred to as “four forwards” as forward flags, forward positions, forward activities, and forward services”. It is to develop the idea that "everyone is a sentry, every family is a post, every village is a fortress, grazing is patrolling and every party members have the responsibility to guarding the border”.

(Comment: There are 3 administrative villages in Nanyi Luoba Nationality Township, with 24 households comprising 94 people. The article stresses that “Raising the Chinese flag with “four forward” as the main direction" is how the Party will consolidate its foundation and governance at the border areas.)

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