A lengthy article by Dong Zhenrui of the Central Party History and Literature Research Institute was published in the Chinese version of China Discipline Inspection Commission Daily on February 18, underlining that 2021 is the first year of "a new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country. Standing on such a new starting point, we need to establish a correct view of history". The article included references only to Mao, Deng Xiaoping and Xi Jinping who, it said, has "at the core has put forward a major thesis of "great changes unseen in a century" based on its keen insight and deep analysis of the general trend of the world".  The article said: "The international financial crisis in 2008 had a profound impact on the world economic structure and political and security situation. Western developed countries have fallen into various crises one after another, but a large number of emerging market countries and developing countries are unstoppable. Under these conditions, various strategic forces have accelerated their differentiation and combination. The relationship between major powers has entered a new stage of all-round wrestling, and the international system has entered A period of accelerated evolution and profound adjustment. In a nutshell, the current international structure and system are undergoing profound adjustments, the global governance system is undergoing profound changes, and the international balance of power is undergoing the most revolutionary change in modern times. At the same time, China is approaching the center of the world stage as never before, approaching the goal of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as never before, and has unprecedented ability and confidence to achieve this goal. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is showing unprecedented bright prospects. With the profound adjustment of the international balance of power, especially against the historical background of "rising from the east and falling from the west", the international "chaos" and China's "governance" have formed a sharp contrast. These aspects have become the main content of major changes unseen in a century." It said that since the 18th Party Congress, China has provided new choices for those countries and nations who wish to accelerate development and maintain their own independence, but also that "the historical evolution and rivalry of the two ideologies and two social systems in the world have undergone profound changes in favour of Marxism and socialism." It added "the traditional Western theory that was once regarded as the standard has been questioned." Stating that "the sources of global turbulence and risks have increased, the pressure we face is increasing, the external environment of our country has become more complex and severe, and the maintenance of our core interests and development interests is facing more complex challenges. As General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "If a major risk occurs and cannot be carried, national security may face major threats, and the process of building a well-off society in an all-round way may be forced to interrupt. We must put risk prevention in a prominent position. "

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