A People's Daily (May 27) commentary pointing to its major achievements extolled the CCP's choice of a development path for China. It stated "A hundred years of overcoming obstacles and thorns, a hundred years of great changes. From being poor and weak, being bullied by others, to a country that is strong and prosperous, and standing in the east, from once "a car, an airplane, a tank, or a tractor can't be built" to now on Mars It was the first time that the Chinese people were imprinted. On the hundred-year journey, the Chinese Communist Party led the Chinese people to create a miracle that shocked the world. General Secretary Xi Jinping profoundly pointed out: "The most important experience for China to achieve such tremendous development achievements is that we persisted in basing ourselves on our own national conditions, persisted in reform and opening up, and embarked on a path of socialism with Chinese characteristics." The People's Daily commentary added in the concluding paragraph: General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "China has more than 9.6 million square kilometres of land and 56 ethnic groups. Who can we follow? Who can tell us what to do?" No matter how difficult it is, we can only rely on our own affairs. ; Once the road to China has been spotted and confirmed, it must be unswervingly followed. Forge ahead and move forward, dare to ask where is the way? The road is under your feet."

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