Addressing a Politburo group study session on May 31, Chinese President Xi Jinping was reported by Xinhua (May 31) as saying that China needs "to develop a voice in international discourse that matches China's comprehensive national strength and international status." Experts said China will not keep silent amid a stigmatization and propaganda warfare launched by the US and its allies, and China has the confidence to shape a more "reliable, admirable and respectable image." Zhang Weiwei, Director of the China Institute of Fudan University in Shanghai, delivered a presentation at the group study session on the topic and gave advice for relevant work. Xinhua reported him as saying the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought a dramatic change in public opinion inside and outside China, as the Chinese are more confident in their own political system and governance while Westerners are being increasingly pessimistic and worried, and more hostile against China as they found their political system has many serious flaws and their moral image is collapsing. Global Times (June 2) said Zhang Weiwei, who also served as an English interpreter for Chinese former leader Deng Xiaoping and is a scholar who travelled more than 100 countries for research, focusing on Chinese studies for a long term, said that "When China is successfully controlling the epidemic situation and making huge contributions to reinforcing the global fight against the pandemic, the West's poor performance and selfish decision-making look very embarrassing under the comparison," and the facts have proven that the Western liberal narrative can no longer prevail in the East or West, and more and more people have realized the trend. He assessed Chinese and Western narrative powers are now experiencing "a period of transition." It quoted Zheng Ruolin, a senior Chinese media professional and European studies expert based in France, as saying China is not interested in becoming a hegemony, so it has no clear plan to form a media hegemony to compete with the West, and it used to believe as long as China keeps a low profile and being peaceful, and has win-win cooperation with the West, then the West will be friendly to China, but the facts prove that this kind of thinking was naive.  

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