China Tibet News (September 13) disclosed that Chen Wenqing, the Minister of National Security,
and a team of the delegation visited Tibet and met top TAR leaders like TAR Party Secretary Wu
Yingjie, Chairman of TAR People's Government Che Dalha, Chairman of TAR People's Congress,
Executive Deputy of TAR Party Committee and Secretary of TAR PPCC Zhuang Yuan,
Commander of the Tibet Military Region Wang Kai, and Standing Members of TAR Party
Committee, He Wenhao, and Liu Jiang. The dates of the visit were not mentioned. In his speech
Wu Yingjie said, "there will be policies and actions to further consolidate the campaign to draw
clear-cut lines from and eliminate the negative influence of the 14th Dalai Lama, his use of religion
to influence people". He went on to add TAR will implement policies and guide people to treat
religion "rationally, and dilute the negative influence of religion, and live this life happily". He
also talked about strengthening border development, ensuring border defence, consolidating
border security, and speeding up of infrastructural constructions in border areas. Wu Yingjie
reported that at present, "Tibet's border defence had consolidated border security, the overall social
situation has become stable, and sense of security among people have improved". He appreciated
the Ministry of National Security for their "strong support". Wu Yingjie also pointed out that
protecting Tibet's 1.2 million square kilometres of land and safeguarding national security is a
major task entrusted by Xi Jinping and the CCP Central Committee. He said protecting and
safeguarding 1.2 million square kilometres of Tibet's land is also a duty of all people in Tibet.
Chen Wenqing in his speech said the Ministry of National Security attaches great importance to
Tibet-related work. The purpose of the inspection that he and his team are undertaking is to oversee
the proper study and implementation of Xi Jinping's speeches during his Tibet visit.

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