A hard-hitting Global Times (October 14) editorial reacted to US officials describing US-Taiwan relations as "rock solid" and as having "condemned the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA)'s drills in the Taiwan Straits region as "destabilizing and only increase the risk of miscalculation." It stressed that "Rock solid" is an expression that can deceive and appease radical forces in the island of Taiwan, but can never deter the Chinese mainland. The editorial emphasised that "The mainland will resolutely continue strengthening its military preparation to gain decisive and overwhelming leverage to finally resolve the Taiwan question". It warned "The island's society" not to "believe the "rock solid" promise of the US, because Washington will never fight to the death with the Chinese mainland for the island's secession". It asserted that "the Chinese mainland is determined to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to realize national reunification. Over these issues, we dare fight to death against anyone who challenges and obstructs us. If the obstruction is little, the reunification of the sides of the Straits is to be accomplished; otherwise, we will meet and defeat those obstructing forces. For the mainland, there never is a binary choice that we will realize reunification when it's easy and give up when it's difficult". It said also that "The US has lost its strength to make "rock solid" commitments to Taiwan. The Taiwan Straits and the area nearby are within the effective strike range of the PLA, which is prepared and strong enough to resist outside military interference when the Chinese mainland is determined to solve the Taiwan question. The US sending naval and air forces to defend Taiwan would be a death blow to US soldiers. Plus, China is a nuclear power with second-strike capabilities with intercontinental range ballistic missiles DF41 and JL-3. And such a reality will contain the US' evil thoughts about taking risks to use nuclear weapons. In short, the US is no longer the country that can exercise military blackmail against China". It asked the ruling DPP not to misjudge the situation. The editorial declared in conclusion: "The Chinese mainland is determined to bring down the DPP authorities' arrogance. It is also determined to smash the US' so-called "rock solid" commitment with its iron will. China will not give up efforts for a peaceful solution to the Taiwan question, but reunification must be the end of such a peaceful solution, rather than "two Chinas" or "one China and one Taiwan." Those who split China will never find a peaceful path to their goal".

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