Xinhua (June 25) announced that CCP CC General Secretary Xi Jinping will attend the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland and the inauguration ceremony of the sixth government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative  Region. Hong Kong media quoted sources as saying that Xi Jinping was initially scheduled to stay in Hongkong on June 30 and July 1, but will not stay in Hong Kong overnight. One Chinese commentator said if he does not stay overnight in Hong Kong, it reflects that he is uneasy about many things such as the epidemic and security in Hong Kong. Hongkong's "Sing Tao Daily" quoted a source as saying that although the number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong has increased, Xi Jinping hopes to come to Hong Kong to attend the celebration in person on the big day of the 25th anniversary of the handover, unless there are unpredictable circumstances. The authorities are worried that once Xi Jinping's itinerary is made public, there will be petitions against Xi Jinping in Hong Kong. From the CCP's point of view, this is a political accident, so the authorities don't want this to happen. (Comment: Till this announcement there were doubts whether Xi Jinping would travel to Hongkong because some of the senior officials of the HKSAR have Covid. If Xi Jinping travels to Hongkong it will also be his first trip outside Mainland China in over two years.) In a statement to Bloomberg News, the Hong Kong police said it will officially swap Britishstyle marching for the “goose step” used in mainland China on July 1. The statement said, “To promote patriotism and enhance the awareness of national identity, the Hong Kong Police Force will fully adopt Chinese foot drills from July 1.”

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